Selected Poems & Photos from 365 a book of days

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It's irritating

when the words will not come, then,

as if by magic

Outside, in the yard

I hear the blackbird gently

singing to the sun

the north wind perfumed

by the scent of burning leaves.

They say it will snow

Snow on the downs

a thrush defies

the silence

Bletted crab-apples

strewn beneath the trees.

A scattering of pearls

Winter's last breath, that

folded all the world in white

bears witness to the coming Spring

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Welcome stranger, sit

with us, tell us your story.

The power of song.

Music drew me in

to the subway, where

an old man plays an

accordian. Melody

echoes upon melody

emerging into the sunlight.

the path on the ridge

connects the centuries, we

stop to pass the time

an afternoon spent

in the company of old friends

is a true blessing

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harvest home

clouds scud shadows

upon a golden sky

we end the month

in good spirits. Perhaps

a little more wine

I thought

I had sometyhing to say,

but I am tired and,

I confess,

I have drunk

too much wine.

Such is the fate of poets

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November creeps the silent street

empties in the gutter, all night

store till rings its whisky comfort.

In his cups the old tramp hawks

and sings, spare any change guv?

down by the quayside

water runs the coloured eye

blink and you'll miss it.

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Comments and Reviews

A Delight (5*) [C.F.]

I love the lightness of touch and economy of words with which Jon conjures up the essence of the year. He evocatively references the places, seasons, people and creatures and his own brush with the hereafter in scant Haiku-style poems - truly less is more!

Thought provoking, gentle observations of the world around us (5*) [N.P.]

Really enjoyable read written by a gentle man. Jon has a keen eye for the things that most of us pass by without seeing or hearing: his appreciation of the simple things in life is truly enviable!

A little gem (5*} [N.B.]

Wonderful for dipping into, a gentle read with close observations of nature, nurture and special environments.

Remarkable [S.B]

A singular record of your experience [during a momentous year]r 

An absorbing dance through the year [K.P.]

A lovely poignant collection.

Stunning - what an insightful and moving read.

Having heard Jon recite his poetry live, I dipped my toe into his book, so to speak. 365 very short poems, I thought I'd read one now and then - hah! Couldn't resist and read cover to cover in two days straight. For anyone who loves nature and hates commuting it's a must (though it would certainly make commuting easier!). Jon has a wonderful gift of getting to the heart of the matter in just a few short sentences - perfect and highly recommended.