Poems & Fables from Conversations with a Blackbird

Good Morning?

It is 4am, cold and dark. A morning wrapped in cloud. Bags packed under my eyes; dogs clamped to their bed. I am flying up country for work. As dawn breaks a Blackbird leads the chorus to greet a new day. I am just grumpy: What are you so cheerful about?


Undaunted by me he sings on. It is a song of renewal, of life, the to & fro of bird and beast through the day. I stop to listen for a while and as my mood lifts, I tell him of the week ahead. I am sorry to leave but suggest we meet again if time allows and he agrees since there is always a song to sing or tale to tell. But, who speaks and who listens?


The sun is in the east

Day has come at last


Image description
Image description


A murmuration of starlings at sunset is one of nature’s great spectacles. It is simply captivating whether it be a few hundred birds above the Hampshire downs or a million painting shapes over the Somerset levels weaving and circling like smoke.  So too the rush of wings and song as they pour down into hedge or fen. Then silence! But they are not just agile fliers, their complex song and mimicry of other birds, the jewels of colour shimmering in their dark feathers place them firmly amongst the greatest artists.


countless wings weave

magic in the wind




an alchemy of

smoke and mirrors

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