I have been writing poetry for nearly half a century and it still strikes me as an odd business. A poem may take just minutes or several years to complete and there's no knowing until it's done. Some poems are born of happiness or beauty, others from moments of introspection or grief. They may arrive fully formed with time to write them or, something unexpected happens and I scramble to record it. For this reason, I always carry a notebook and pencil to jot down ideas. In time the jottings may become poems revealing something to or about me. I think of them as seeds, messages to the future made in the moment

Many of my poems deal with issues of nature and the environment. They have been likened to John Clare's work which is a huge compliment. In recent years I have writen more in the form of haiku, tanka and similar short-form poetry to capture the moment and provide food for thought. I enjoy performing/reciting poems with music (guitar, piano) at small festivals, open-mic evenings and at public events including Remembrance Sunday.

365 - a book of days, my first collection of haiku and short poems was released in January 2020. It covers the highs and lows of an entire year providing you with an opportunity to pause, reflect and relax for a few moments.

Following the success of 365 I set about publisihing the first book in a new project called Small Poems comprising photographs, haiku and short poems about life in town and country, commuting between and finding the time to slow down. This was published in April 2020. I released Conversations with a Blackbird, the second in the Small Book series in October 2020, comprising of fables, photographs, poems and conversations. Hot off the press in November 2020 comes By the Sea, photographs, illustrations, short poems and tales about the quiet places where land and sea meet and mingle.

All books are available in print or as eBooks.

The Small Poem series are vibrant limited edition 10cm square jewel-books printed to a very specific format. 365 is available as a beautiful standard-size print edition. All books are also available as print-replica kindle downloads to read on iPads and smartphone. Print-repolica maintains the format of each poem.

This is a link to my Author Page on Amazon (UK) where you can preview and purchase eBooks


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GIven the speed at which we live our lives it is easy to miss the little things that matter. This book of short poems and haiku captures and considers the world we sometimes miss or ignore.

These poems show that whether you are in the country, about town or commuting between there is always the chance to take a moment and pause to draw breath.

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Haiku and short poems written each day 'in the moment' to capture the year. They are a daily response to nature, landscapes, people and events in 2019. It was an eventful year featuring 10ins of snow on the night we were supposed to be hosting a music event for 100 people, a heart-attack whilst on summer-holiday and the subsequent fall-out from months or recouperation. On the bright side, I had more time to walk and watch the natural world around me!

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I co-edited (and contributed to) this excellent collection of poems about the destructive impact of the C19 Virus on the hard-pressed world of legal-aid lawyers. Many are on the brink of bankruptcy and/or breakdown due to decades of cutbacks. Despite this they still find time to smile and make others smile. All proceeds will go to the Law Centres Network, a charity that provides advice to people who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. Every sale is a bonus to the charity and its clients.

Published on 2 June 2020 by Legal Action Group it is available to Order HERE

It is also availabe on on Amazon HERE

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Have you ever stopped to listen to a blackbird sing and then whistled a reply? Have you remarked upon the weather, the day’s events, or mentioned the toing and froing of others, people seen, or stories heard? If like me, you have done all these things then some of the tales in this little collection will strike a familiar chord.


In an increasingly virtual isolative world our connection to nature is waning. The real giving way to the unreal. But if you have a minute to listen, you will find the world is still there in these poems and fables told in the voice of one who sings for the simple joy of living.

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This collection of poems spans many years or writing from around 1975 to 2015. It is divided into three parts: The Mayfly consists of short poems and haiku reflecting places, people and events. The Hare and The Fox contain longer poems with lighter and darker themes respectively. Many of the poems are inspired by nature, the natural world and our place in it. To be published shortly in Spring 2021. 

Music & Poetry 

Over the years I have played flute, tabla, banjo and tenor guitar. I also write songs and sing sea-shanties.


In recent years I have been co-performing poetry with music featuring longer poems with accompaniment on guitar or piano. I am currently looking at recording a CD of performances with two or three musicians.


Work in Progress


Small Poems No.4 - the Christmas story and beyond in haiku and small poems


Natural Music

Continuing the theme of haiku and longer poems.

Mind the Gap

A collection of short humourous comments on commuting and the antics of commuters (including me).


A long-term project with poems and haiku inspired by visits to cathderals and abbeys in the UK.


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Much has been written about the sea, its immensity, untamed power and wild beauty, rather less about where sea and land meet and mingle quietly. These poems do not dwell on wilderness, storms, great ocean waves or intrepid expeditions. Instead, they deal with the infinite patience involved in wearing rock to sand, the change of colour or mood in sun and rain, the brush of a catspaw on still water, laughter and music drifting across a harbour like tobacco smoke.


Here are the small coastal scenes that change with the tide and the years and the itinerant folk that inhabit them as they go about their lives. Come with me and step into the water.

Dust and Dreams

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This follows the same format of haiku and short poems and longer poems.The poems generally cover the years 2015 - 2019. To be published in 2021

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After careful conideration of current events the 2020 festival has been postponed until October 2021. The festival is a live 'in person' experience with poets, performers and public all together. Given the current pandemic we cannot guarantee public safety and, since this is paramount we have taken the decision to hold the festival next year. We are looking at online options in the meantime  so please keep checking the WPF website.