One World

We are a world apart : We are a world a part

Some years back I was struck by how a seemingly minor change to a phrase can completely alter its meaning. In this case it was moving one letter. The phrase is simple, "We are a world apart : We are a world a part."

I thought it would be interesting to see how this would be interpretted as different people read, understood and translated it. That little project has been on ice for a while but, reading of the plight of Kurdish people who, like so many, just want to live in peace, I decided now is the time to restart this. This is not a political statement but simply an illustration that although we are different, we are all part of one world, one existence. We have a world separating us and we have a world in our care.

We are a world apart

We are a world a part

Aramizda dunya var
Biz de bir dunyayiz ve onun parcasiyiz

Is domhan ar Leith muidne

Is cuid den domhan ar fad muid

Pochodzimy z innych światόw

Jestesmy Cześcia Świata

Wir sind eine weld entfernt

Wir sind ein Teil der Welt

Yesh Olám Bene-nay-nu

Ana-kh-nu helek me ha olám

Suntem din doua lume

Suntem differiti

Eik he dunyai hai ham eik hisa hai

Ham mai eik dynai jays a faisla hai




Kurdish (@baysal_nurcan)

Irish, Trish Boyle, Dublin

Polska, Hannah, Poland


Hebrew, |Elah Lanis, USA


Hindi, Freda Hussain, London